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6 Things To Do Now You're Engaged!

Fistly huge congratulations if you are recently engaged! New Year's and Valentines often brings lots of exciting news of newly engaged couples and you should definitely enjoy the feeling as much as possible before diving into the world of wedding planning.

Whether it was a huge suprise or you could sense it coming, being able to celebrate with your new fiancee, friends and family is one of the best bits.

So here's just a few things you can do now you have a ring on your finger!

1. Enjoy the moment. It's such a special moment that you can't recreate, so make sure you soak up all the feelings, just you and your partner, before you pick up the phone and put the annoucement on social media.

2. Pick up the phone and tell everybody! One of the best bits is hearing and seeing everybody's reaction when you tell them the big news! Your loved ones will be so happy hearing the story of how it all happened and make sure you enjoy being the centre of attention and being able to relive the moment over and over.

3. Make sure your ring fits properly before wearing it outside! It sounds like a no brainer but often the ring has been bought without your knowledge and may need resizing. I just wanted to show it off immediatley but when my hands were cold it definitely could have slipped off. So just make it a first job! This also ties in to making sure you get it insured, or that your home insurance covers it. Often you have to insure items over a certain value separately so it's always worht checking.

4. This a 'don't' rather than a 'do' but don't get too carried away and rush into booking or buying things for a wedding that you haven't really thought about yet. This applies for the dress too! Give yourself some time to enjoy being an engaged couple and let ideas develop naturally.

5. Celebrate! Whether you want to have a big engagement party or a dinner and drinks with close family, get together and celebrate the big news. Everyone will be so excited and happy for you both, and again it's a great time to enjoy being the centre of attention!

6. Have a wedding chat with your other half. Chances are you've been planning this day for a long time in your head, but your partner may be completely new to this wedding world. It's good to make sure you both have a simliar idea of how long your engagement would be and get some inspiration together before setting anything in stone.

It's such a special time, so however long your engagement is just enjoy it!

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