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2019 Wedding Trends

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

A new year, a new set of wedding trend predictions and I’ve picked out a few of the trends that stand out to me . The thing with trends is that sometimes they can be a little off the mark, and really it’s just important that you plan a wedding the way you want! So have a read below, get some inspiration and see if there’s anything you think you would like to incorporate into your big day.

Environmentally Friendly

This isn’t so much of a trend as a change of mindset. With people ever more aware of how their actions can affect the environment this awareness if coming through to weddings as well. I think going forward weddings will have a more considered approach; having foam free floral installations and decorations, using locally sourced ingredients and small, artisan businesses as well as lessening the presence of plastics will all help towards an eco-friendly day.

Outdoors In

Greenery will still be a big part of weddings, and the trend of keeping weddings more natural and not so over produced will mean that flowers, foliage and trees will take centre stage. Hanging greenery can be used to replace traditional centerpieces, which also lends itself to the foam free trend. Having greenery table runners is also a great way to decorate long tables which are still going to be a popular dinner arrangemt through into this year. Consider using something different for your table arrangements, fruit and fruit trees can make stunning decorations and if you are having a bright colour scheme it would fit right in!


The pantone colour of the year is ‘Living Coral’, it’s quite a bright colour on it’s own, so interpret it by using peachy/orange hues for a soft, romantic look.  Bright colours, or pops of colour will be much more prominent this year. This is a great trend to show through floral design, using bright flowers against a background of greenery for a more relaxed vibe, or having jewel tones for a more traditional wedding. Of course pastels will continue to be popular, and if you are going for a simpler colour scheme think about using natural earthy tones to create natural/rustic vibe, or use one colour, or shades of the same colour, to create a clear colour scheme.


The desire for a personalised, intimate wedding is on the rise. A great way to inject some personalised elements is through stationery, you could choose custom wax seals or monograms, having your an illustration of your venue, hand finished touches and different mediums or personalised messages. Stationery often reflects the colour trends so if you love bright colours why not choose some bright watercolour flowers as part of your invitation.

If you want to be mindful of the environment why not choose recycled paper and envelopes, or opt for email rsvp’s or save the dates. You can still have a stand out design on a screen as well as on paper!


Couples are looking at creating a great experience rather than something that just looks stunning. More and more couples are scaling down the guest list and having smaller, more intimate weddings, giving the ability to create an amazing experience for the people closest to them.

Dining and entertainment is a great way to do this, think individual food or drink choices, welcome gifts or live bands that interact with the guests. Grazing and dessert stations really do set the tone for laid back, informal eating which makes conversation flow.

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