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Personalise Your Wedding Invitations: Venue Illustrations

When it comes to wedding invitations, it can sometimes be a struggle to think how can I make my invitations stand out? How can I make them personal to me? One of my favourite ways to make an invitation suite truly unique and personalised is to create a stunning venue illustration to wow your guests!

My watercolour style lends itself to any type of venue painting, whether thats of the main venue itself or a whole landscape scene. Your guests will be so excited when they get glimpse of your venue and there are many ways of incoporating the illustration - you can go for a feature on your main invitation, give an impactful opening with an envelope liner, or create a separate card dedicated to the details of the day.

If you don't fancy a full colour venue illustration, why not opt for a simpler line drawing instead? Line drawings are quite popular for save the dates as it can give drop the hint without giving away all of the information saved for the main invitation.

Watercolour illustration of the beautiful venue Euridge Manor, used in the envelope liners for the invitations.

This venue illustration was hot foiled in rose gold onto a vellum overlay for these save the dates (one of my all time favourite projects!), the one below turns an ordinary information card into something special!

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