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One Year in Business

This is a little bit more of a personal post - this month is my one year business anniversary!

So I just wanted to write a little bit about me, my processes and how I got started doing wedding stationery.

I've always been a creative person, and I studied illustration at university where I gained a 1st Class degree in 2011 (seems like a lifetime ago!). I specialised in children’s illustration and spent years after university doing freelance illustration work alongside a retail career. I love doing my children's illustration, but I was always more focused on the details and the backgrounds instead of the characters so it was a bit of a struggle! I was selling more prints and illustrated patterns rather than taking on big projects and working more in my day job, I loved the illustrating part, but I knew it wasn't really something I could make a full time career from unless I majorly changed my style.

I was made redundant in 2018 I had long think about what I could do avoid having to go back into retail. I had done wedding invitations for friends previously, so I knew it was something I enjoyed doing, and I thought it could be a better way of channelling all of the detailed painting I loved doing.

Like most new businesses I have learnt so much, lots from trial and error and making mistakes! I think you have to just dive into things sometimes to realise what works and what doesn't, what you enjoy and what you don't. I also hadn't spent too much time thinking about who my ideal client would be, and what my niche would be in a pretty crowded market, this will be my main focus for this year.

I often feel like I haven't done as much as I would have liked, and it's far too easy to compare yourself to more established businesses but after reflecting on what I'd actually achieved and how much clearer I am with my brand I know I actually have done better than I thought! Winning the regional Wedding Industry Award for 'Best Stationer' this month really topped off my year so far and gave me that shot of confidence. I have a brand shoot booked for January and I can't wait to do a slight rebrand and take my business to the next level!

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