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Price for full suite: £10.55  OR  £7.15 without vellum wrap, envelope liner and wax seal



1 x 5x7 Save the Date £1.75 each


1 x A5 Invitation £1.95 each


1 x 5x7 details sheet £1.75 each


1 x double sided A6 RSVP £1.75 each


Vellum wrap with wax seal £2.00 each (optional)


Vellum Envelope liner £1.40 each (optional)


Envelopes included: Green envelopes for invitations, ivory for rsvp’s.
All printed on 300gsm textured paper.

Assembly option with the copper thread is also available with the vellum wrap and wax seal for an extra £2, if you would like to assemble yourself the materials will be provided separately.

These prices are based on 35+ orders of each individual item.For smaller orders please get in touch for a quote.



Print Options



Envelope liners £1.25 each

Belly bands £1.25 each

Vellum wraps £0.95 each

Wax seals £1.00 each

Invitation suite assembly with ribbon or tie £2.00 each

Printed envelopes £0.95 each

Printing on 650gsm card

A5 £2.75 each


Digital foil

1 x A5 Invitation 300gsm paper £3.00 each1 x A6 RSVP £2.50 each


Hot foil

1 x A5 350gsm card50-75 units £4.75 each

75 + units £4.00 each

1 x A6 RSVP 350gsm50-75 units £4.00 each

75 + units £3.00 each 


These prices are based on 50+ orders of each individual item. For smaller orders please get in touch for a quote.


Included within the price for these customisable designs is wording and text changes, and small layout alterations.

Font style and theme colour change from £40


If you want to change to design further please contact me for a semi-customisable design, this would include adding any extra prints, changing the printing or paper finishes and major layout or colour changes.


The fee for this starts

at £125.


Print Options


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